The Complete Guide to Probiotics for Dogs

Are Probiotics for Dogs Different From Human Probiotics?

The answer is yes. Probiotics for dogs are tiny friendly bacteria that have been researched and studied to benefit the canine body specifically. A human gut differs from that of a canine. Scientific research shows that these healthy bacteria help our dogs by supporting their main immune system organ, the gut.

Probiotics for dogs are specific because bacteria is host-specific—for this reason, human probiotics are not equally beneficial for dogs. When you supplement your dog with the RIGHT probiotics you’ll notice numerous natural health improvements that come along with having a healthy gut.

veterinarian recommended probiotics

Probiotics Benefits:

  • Better skin and coat appearance
  • Better breath and body smell
  • Less gas (flatulence)
  • Fewer allergy symptoms
  • Reduction in yeast issues
  • Regular bowel functions (diarrhea & constipation)
  • Better overall health and energy levels

How They Work

Probiotics activate and pass through your dog's stomach acid and bile, then implant in the gut where they multiply hundred-fold. This is when they become part of the collective "microbiome." This process is important, because many probiotics will not survive passed the stomach, or, even the mouth! (read: Probiotics and Refrigeration)

In your dog's intestines, these probiotics perform jobs, like,

  1. manufacturing vitamins and enzymes
  2. producing neurochemicals, and
  3. acting as colonic law enforcement—keeping out bad guys like harmful, disease-causing bacteria.

Diet, medication, illness, and even mild stress can tip the gut flora into dysbiosis (microbial imbalance). It's dysbiosis that make your dog susceptible to diarrhea and loose stool, yeast overgrowth, and disease prone bacteria.

Probiotics are essential for keeping the microbiome favorable for outstanding immune and digestive wellness for years. Probiotics are even recommended for puppies.


Some brands of probiotics for dogs are not formulated based on canine research. The physiology and body processes of a dog are not the same as that of a human. We take caution when it comes to our beloved pets and consider that many of the dog-marketed probiotics brands are actually for human use, not for dogs.

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The effectiveness of Probiotic Miracle is manifest by the amazing reviews from our customers and their healthy dogs—unparalleled by any other probiotic for dogs.

Why? Nusentia formulates products specifically for the animals they are intended. We know that the canine immune and digestive system differs from a human’s. While most "probiotics for dogs" are simply human formulas marketed to dog owners, Probiotic Miracle® is formulated with carefully selected strains and species of bacteria in the right CFU amounts which are proven to bring to most benefit for dogs and without causing any harm. Probiotic Miracle® is an exceptional probiotic supplement which follows canine-based research.

(read: Probiotics for Pets: Understanding Strains and CFU)

Signs that Dogs Need Probiotics and Enzymes

Probiotics and enzymes are both part of the immune and digestive processes in the canine body. These materials work in harmony during supplementation and affect a great health outcome. Read this list to see if your dog is showing these signs of deficiencies:

7 Signs Dogs Need Probiotics

Probiotic & Enzymes: A Power Duo

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Because of their complimentary effects, probiotics and enzymes are essential wellness supplements for dogs, especially for the modern dog. The Miracle Pack is an excellent way to completely support immune and digestive health.

The modern dog diet and lifestyle is stressful on the body. Digestion and elimination is a cumbersome process that takes its toll on the body of a dog over time. By supplementing the dog food with probiotics and digestive enzymes daily, you can reduce your dog’s bodily stress that results in symptoms of poor digestion and reduced elimination of toxins.

In short, probiotics crowd out harmful bacteria that causes yeast infections and diarrhea in dogs. Digestive enzymes take the burden off your dog’s pancreas and reduce the immune reaction that occurs when they eat. Dogs with allergies and weakened immune systems can further benefit from Enzyme Miracle because we include key metabolic enzymes that break down yeast, bacteria, and fungi, as well as having anti-inflammatory properites. This natural and affordable addition to your dog’s diet will display positive results in the following ways:

  • improved immune response
  • less allergy symptoms
  • improved skin, coat, and breath
  • better digestion and elimination
  • efficiently absorb nutrients from food

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